Cleaning Materials



Products and Equipment 

All products and equipment are provided by Maid to Help Cleaning Specialists. These products include and are limited to  

  • Jangro Professional Cleaner Polish 

  • Jangro Professional Lemon Floor Gel  

  • Jangro Professional Thickened Bleach 

  • Jangro Professional Glass Cleaner 

You must notify us prior to cleaning your home if there are any alternative products that are required, and these must be provided for the cleaning team by the client.  

You must notify us prior to cleaning your home if there are any items for concern when using our products.  

All of our products are non-toxic, non-invasive and suitable for domestic cleaning. All Maid to Help Cleaning Specialists will not be liable for any damage caused using these products. 

Cleaning Time  

Maid to Help Cleaning Specialists charge an hourly rate. The hourly rate is for CLEANING HOURS. So for example - if you book 4 cleaning hours - you may have 1 cleaner for 4 hours or 2 cleaners of 2 hours which equal the same amount of cleaning time. How many cleaners attending will depend on the allocation of the team for your area. 

Appointment Times 

We try to allocate a time slot for your convenience, but this will always be traffic dependent. As often as possible, we will contact to let you know if there is a delay, however there are occasions where this isn't always possible. Please allow at least half an hour either side of your appointment tie to allow access to the property.  


Cancellations are chargeable to a cancellation rate of £15 if less than 24 hours notice. Regular cancellations of a regular booking may mean that your regular slot will be re-allocated and your slot will be re-advertised.  

Copy Keys 

If you give us a copy key for your property, this is kept in our secure safe in our office. If you require this key back on cancellation of services, you can collect it during office hours, it can be returned to you at our convenience within 4 weeks, with no additional charge. Or we can arrange for the key to be returned to you at your convenience for the charge of £10.
If you aren't happy with your clean, please pop us a message.
Before any action is taken we will need to pop out to the property to inspect. 
The relevant action will then be taken to rectify the problem. 

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